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  • מצא תקלה
    Recently tried the cream Brilliance SF. After 4 uses, I could see the result. The skin tightened, the pigment disappeared, and left all the wrinkles. All suggest.
    Brilliance SF
  • אילנה
    I was visiting my aunt. When going to bed, went to the bathroom and saw the cream Brilliance SF. Asked his aunt and acquired at the same time. Months later, looked in his youth.
    Brilliance SF
  • מרים
    I bought the cream Brilliance SF not for myself, but for my mother. He had long dreamed to get rid of wrinkles. With this product, I have fulfilled his dream. After 2 weeks gone, all the wrinkles and tighten the skin.
    Brilliance SF
  • דליה
    Ordered cream Brilliance SF because the recommendations of the cosmetician. It really helped me to get rid of pigmentation. I recommend to all!
    Brilliance SF
  • סטלה
    Recently a friend recommended the cream Brilliance SFwhich is famous, because of its effect. Usually to test it yourself. Indeed, the result is excellent.
    Brilliance SF
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