What is aesthetic cosmetology?

aesthetic rejuvenation of the face

Aesthetic cosmetology is a field of cosmetology that includes programs of low-impact non-surgical methods to clean, treat, restore, rejuvenate and eliminate cosmetic defects of the face and body. Every year, injection and hardware techniques gain popularity due to numerous positive reviews from people who have tried certain types of procedures. What is beauty cosmetology and what is its advantage over surgical methods to remove body defects?

Injection technique

The popularity of injections is due to the fact that the desired result can be achieved without surgical procedures. Injections are made into the superficial layers of the skin or into the muscles. Its effect lasts from several weeks to several years.

Contour plastic

The leading technique used to correct wrinkles, the contour of the whole face or its individual parts. For this, fillers are used - fillers that allow you to model the face while preserving its features.


Most modern dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite. The procedure is painless because an anesthetic is used or is already part of the drug. After entering under the skin, the effect is observed within a few minutes.

The gel itself contains a sodium chloride solution in which the collagen is dissolved. Therefore, the skin may appear slightly edematous immediately after the injection. After a short time, this swelling disappears. Contraindications for the procedure:

  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • connective tissue, skin diseases;
  • blood coagulation disorder;
  • pregnancy and lactation periods;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

The duration of the effect is about 4-6 months. Then the medicine is gradually absorbed; and new injections are needed. The technique allows to restore and maintain the water balance.


The procedure of injecting drugs into the skin by microinjection. Instructions for use:

  • lack of nutrients in the skin;
  • need hydration;
  • stretch marks;
  • dark spots;
  • excessive subcutaneous fat;
  • slow growth and poor hair quality.

For injections, monopreparations and cocktails are used, which have a complex effect on certain problem areas. Microinjections of lipolytics occupy a special place - drugs that allow you to get rid of subcutaneous fat without surgical intervention. The need for anesthesia is considered individually.


plasmolifting for aesthetic rejuvenation of the skin

The technique consists in providing a person with the platelet part of his own blood plasma. It contains many active ingredients:

  • stimulation of cell growth;
  • microcirculation in the skin;
  • normalization of water balance;
  • strengthening of local immunity.

In addition, plasma is not rejected by the body because. not a stranger. It is obtained by centrifugation of venous blood taken from the patient.

The procedure is indicated for the appearance of fine wrinkles, the first signs of age, to restore the structure of the skin (after the sun), to increase the effect of other cosmetic procedures. Contraindications to the procedure are oncological, blood diseases, skin infections, pregnancy and lactation.

The effect lasts up to two years. The number of sessions is chosen by the cosmetologist.


biorevitalization for aesthetic rejuvenation

A procedure of intradermal or subcutaneous injection of hyaluronic acid in its pure form or in the form of a preparation with a stabilizer to improve the condition of the skin of the hands, face, neck and décolleté. Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, exacerbation of chronic diseases, tendency to keloid scars.

At least 4 sessions are required to strengthen the effect. After the injection, the redness disappears within a few hours. The effect lasts about 1 year.

Rope lifting

A minimally invasive technique that allows you to tighten the soft tissues of the face without surgery. With the help of threads, the beautician creates a framework in which the skin is kept in a tense state. The method is indicated for patients with reduced skin tone, there are signs of tissue ptosis, but there is no excess skin.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Elevator advantages:

  • no incisions;
  • long-term rehabilitation.


She fell in love with the men who lifted the ropes. Due to the characteristics of hair growth, they do not allow surgical facelift, because. scars will appear. And pull-ups are a great substitute for surgery.

Apparatus cosmetology

hardware aesthetic skin rejuvenation

It includes a number of procedures that can significantly improve the appearance of the face, body and hair. The devices allow deep tissue penetration, thanks to which it turns out:

  • destroys fat cells
  • polishing the surface of the skin;
  • stimulates blood circulation in certain parts of the body.

Various devices and techniques are used for this. In order for the effect to last longer, cosmetologists recommend undergoing a number of hardware procedures:

  1. Laser epilation - getting rid of excess hair on the body.
  2. Endosphere therapy, cryolipolysis, pressotherapy - decomposition of excess body fat by exposure to vacuum, cold, pressure.
  3. SMAS-lifting is the initiation of regenerative processes of the skin by exposure to ultrasound rays.
  4. 3D and 4D rejuvenation - initiation of regenerative processes in the skin under the influence of laser rays.
  5. Laser and chemical skin resurfacing - removal of spots, scars and other blemishes using laser or chemicals.